TriGranit Doubly Awarded

Árpád Török (Director of TriGranit) with two awards
TriGranit has received two special awards in the prestigious FIABCI Hungary Awards competition.

Bonarka City Center, Bonarka for Business in Krakow and Millennium City Center in Budapest have received special awards in the 19th edition of the Hungarian Real Estate Development Award competition organized by the Hungarian Real Estate Association, which is the key member of FIABCI Hungary.

These two special awards in the FIABCI Hungary Award competition constitute a noteworthy achievement and an exact reflection of our efforts and long-term striving for excellence. The goal of TriGranit is further performance of offices class A and retail buildings in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, which deserve to be granted equally prestigious awards in the future – says Árpád Török, Director of TriGranit.

TriGranit is currently executing offices in Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow and Katowice, the total leasable space of which amounts to over 120 000 sq. m gross. The company is continuing the construction works within new offices of B4B complex in Krakow. Building H is currently under construction and it is to deliver 10 000 sq. m of leasable space gross. The commissioning is envisaged for 2019. Building I and building J are to be executed in the next years. The company is also performing Millennium Garden of leasable space 37 300 sq. m gross in Budapest and Lakeside Park II of leasable space 13 700 sq. m gross in Bratislava. What is more, height buildings of Silesia Offices are to be erected in Katowice in two stages.

FIABCI is one of the most representatives organizations in the real estate industry in the world. It grants national industry awards in 18 countries all over the world.


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