B4B Is Almost Totally Leased

Bonarka for Business (B4B)
Bonarka for Business (B4B)
The Krakow’s Bonarka for Business office complex is almost totally leased. The office space in building H, which is currently being executed, is still for rent.

Bonarka for Business (B4B) is attracting new tenants. The recently signed new lease contracts and extensions concern over 5500 sq. m. Building F is leased in over 97% whereas the lease level of other buildings amounts to 100%. Bonarka for Business will be extended in the future. The implementation of building H is currently being carried out. It will be ready in Q2 2019. The building of the new investments within B4B  – I and J – is envisaged for the next years.

Buildings A and E have recently gained new tenants and some of the existing ones have decided to extend their lease contracts. One of the companies that is planning to stay in Krakow office for longer is Aleksander Mann Solutions. The leader that specializes in gaining and managing talents leased additional 1548 sq. m on the ground floor and first floor of building A. The head office extended space to 6658 sq. m. Aleksander Mann Solutions has been present in B4B for 7 years, that is from the very beginning.
Skelia has relocated from building E to building F. The company specializes in software development, engineering and outsourcing. It leases over 1270 sq. m. Hence it extended the occupied space by over 130%.
Another company that will extend the existing office is Vsoft. The Polish joint-stock company that designs and implements authorial software will extend its existing office by additional 510 sq. m. It leases 2287 sq. m in building E.
Unimil has also joined the group of tenants in B4B. The company has signed a lease contract concerning 408 sq. m in building F. The company belongs to the LifeStyles Healthcare Group and it’s a global leader in production of condoms, personal lubricants and related products.
What's more, the tenants who lease space in B4B will benefit from a new fitness center My Fitness Place from March 17, 2018.

The opportunity of leasing additional office space or entire building due to extension of office with no necessity of moving out of the complex is one of the greatest assets of B4B. The current contracts prove that our tenants are satisfied from both the office park and the services of property management. In order to provide space for further growth, we’re continuing the building of the eighth investment of B4B and then we’re going to proceed to the implementation of the new ones – I and J – says Beata Kokeli, Director of Asset Management Department at Trigranit, Managing Director of TriGranit Poland.


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