Uncertain future of Pl. Defilad

The authorities of Warsaw plan to sell the ground by Plac Defilad which is meant for construction of an office building.

As e-biurowce has been informed by Biuro Gospodarki Nieruchomosciami Miasta Stolecznego Warszawy, the city authorities plan to sell the ground by Pl. Defilad. Located by Marszalkowska st. near the entrance to Centrum underground station, it is one of the most attractive places in Warsaw. It is unknown however when the ground is to be sold and a date of a tender is not yet specified.  Kupieckie Domy Towarowe was to be built in this place but the investment has not been successful.

According to the resolution number XCIV/2749/2010 of Rada Miasta Stolecznego Warszawa the piece of land no. 10.U/UK is to be used for service activity especially  ‘ trade, administration, offices, gastronomy, finance, exhibitions and culture’.

In order to match Centrum underground entrance , 2 new buildings are to be built in the same style due to legislative conditions concerning this particular built-up area. The facades are to be made out of stylish materials such as stone, metal and glass (except for reflective glass).

The minimum area of the building plot is 500 000 sq. meters. The maximum space  for commercial purposes is 2 000 sq. meters of which none of the stores should exceed 1 000 sq. meters and 20% of total area on the ground floor. The office spaces cannot be made below the 3rd floor above the ground level.

Moreover there is an underground car park to be built apart from the already existing one on the ground near Centrum underground station.  There are to be from 2 to 5 parking spaces per every 1000 sq. meters of office space and at least 10 spaces for bicycles per every 100 parking spaces for cars.

For more details about the ground, please check Uchwala nr XCIV/2749/2010 Rady Miasta Stolecznego Warszawy z dnia 9 listopada 2010 r. (page 32 – 34).

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