Katowice without the two towers

The construction of two skyscrapers in Katowice, on of which was supposed to be Silesia’s highest building, has been suspended.

As e-biurowce.pl have heard, TriGranit has suspended the construction of Silesia Towers, two towers which were supposed to grace the capital of Silesia an become the showpiece of Katowice. Marta Michalik from TriGranit Development Polska has confirmed this information. The developer didn’t reveal the causes of his decision.

The higher skyscraper would be 136 m high, it would consist of 34 floors and provide 50 000 sq. m of rental space. The lower one, a 15-storey building, would reach 55 m (20 000 sq. m of rental space). Both skyscrapers would be located in the Silesia City Center, a commercial, services and housing center.

TriGranit Development Polska is also building another office property in Małopolska region, B4B (Bonarka for Business). Four independent office buildings, located in the commercial center Bonarka City Center in Kraków, will provide 35 091 sq. m of rental space.


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