Warsaw’s historical building in a new form

Mermaid Properties is to reconstruct a block of flats by Jasna 26 street and convert it into a modern A class office building.

Located in the centre of Warsaw, the old block of flats by Jasna 26 was built in the 40s of the twentieth century. Mermaid Properties has taken on the challenge of revitalizing and buildup of the building according to the plan already discussed with the heritage conservator. When the work is done the building will accommodate 5 500 sq. meters of space including 4 500 sq. meters of office space. The building is to get two additional wings.

The office building is to have 6 storeys above the ground level. The area of 1 storey is 800 sq. meters of which there will be common open space. The factor of common space is 5.95%. The ground floor is destined for commercial space. An underground car park capable of accommodating 50 cars will undoubtedly be an advantage.

The building in new form will be accomplished in the IV quarter of 2012.

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