IT Kontrakt: New Head Office

IT Kontrakt: head office
IT Kontrakt: head office
IT Kontrakt expands its head office in Warsaw. The company relocates to the PROXIMO II office building.

IT Kontrakt is a leader on the IT market in Poland. The company plans further growth by introducing some changes in the Warsaw department. IT Kontrakt relocates to a new head office in the PROXIMO II office building.

Global growth constitutes our main goal but it would not be possible without development of the Warsaw department, where the Members of the Board operate. We are still increasing the value and prestige of the office in Warsaw. Both unique competences and experience of our employees as well as location in the city center of the capital make that we are much closer to the competition and our customers – says Tomasz Pyrak, Head of IT Kontrakt.

The Warsaw department of IT Kontrakt currently hires 390 people, who service customers from the financial and telecommunication industry. Most of the experts are Java and ETL developers.

One of the fields that we are currently intensely developing is cyber security. We are constantly enhancing our team and competences related to confidential data transfer and storage. We have obtained our first references in the field of blockchain data base in one of the largest projects of this type on the market. Using the most innovative solutions in this field is crucial for companies from all sectors. After the introduction of RODO, we observe the increased interest of customers in professional services of data encryption, which are provided by our experts – says Anna Szyperek, Head of Department in Warsaw.

The Warsaw head office of IT Kontrakt is relocated to the PROXIMO II office building. The new office space reflects the communication line of the company. Loft interiors are filled with comic graphics, which were presented earlier on the website of IT Kontrakt. The new office space has lots of innovative solutions such as sliding walls, which also serve as dry-ease boards, or specially designed conference booths.


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