Park Rozwoju: New Attraction

Park Rozwoju: vegetable garden (pic press materials)
Park Rozwoju: vegetable garden (pic press materials)
Park Rozwoju office complex (a part of EPP’s portfolio) situated in Warsaw offers a new attraction for employees, that is a garden with fresh vegetables and herbs. It is designed by Florabo.

The garden is situated at the main courtyard in a cozy part of the Warsaw’s Mokotów district at Konstruktorskiej Street. The project fits the concept of the entire office building consisting in user-friendly architecture. This investment is open to the surroundings and the offices adjoin the courtyards filled with greenery. The garden will supply the complex with tomatoes, chives, basilica, black radish, turnip cabbage, dill, paprika and other vegetables. The available space is designed in such a way to perform a role of relaxation place.

Spending time in the surroundings of greenery has an incredibly positive impact on the employees; on mood and well-being and thus their work productivity. Thereby we are trying to create a harmonious work environment in Park Rozwoju which supports creativity and allows for relaxation. The opening of our own vegetable garden is the next step in execution of the strategy consisting in creating a friendly work environment and the greenest place in Mokotów – says Sylwia Piechnik, Head of Office Leasing at EPP.

Park Rozwoju belongs to office complexes class A. It comprises two 7-floor buildings with offices of the total size amounting to 31 000 sq. m.


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