Co-working Space In Warsaw: 2500 Sqm

Chmielna 89: press materials
Chmielna 89: press materials
UMA Workspace enters the Polish market with a new investment that offers 26 private offices, over 17 flexible working spaces and 3 conference halls.

The co-working space for business network is managed by Finnish Technopolis. The company has currently its head offices in 7 Scandinavian countries and the Baltic region, e.g. Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Chmielna 89 is the first Polish location of the company.


This innovative space is located on the third floor of the office building, delivering almost 2500 sqm.


The building characterizes with high performance and finishing standard. It’s designed in such a way to fit the envisaged development of this part of the capital. The facades give the sense of softness and clarity, making this office building distinguishable against the surrounding investments. Services on the ground floor integrate the building with the neighborhood.  


UMA specializes in co-working space and service solutions for small and large companies. Such space allows for more effective and flexible work with maintained privacy. What's more, it may serve as the element of open society.


Cavatiny office design is being erected several meters away from the PKP Railway Station and Golden Terraces. Epstein, Piotr Jasiński and Jan Juraszczyk are responsible for this design.


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