The largest delegation from China in Poland

On 26 April the Chinese delegation will arrive. Premier Wen Jiabao is supposed to visit Poland with 300 entrepreneurs. On this occasion, PAIiIZ invites you to participate in an investment forum.

While the head of the Chinese government is visiting Poland, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy are organizing a Poland – Central Europe – China investment forum. Polish entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the event. Everyone interested in participating in the seminar can apply through an entry form available on - the deadline for applications is April 18th.

As the organizer informs, the main subject of the forum will be the cooperation between China and Central Europe. A number of issues related with this subject will be discussed during the seminar. The participants will consider the opportunities and perspectives of collaborating with China on a wider, global scale as well as from the perspective of Poland.

Discussion panels will take place during the Poland – Central Europe – China investment forum. There will be special attention paid to the differences between the business cultures of the Old Continent and the Middle Kingdom. There will be also a discussion on the Go China Project that is meant to support the economic collaboration between Poland and China. The participants will be able to take part in other panels, concerning global economy matters, China’s role of a worldwide investor and collaboration within the implementation of green technologies. 

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