The external work around the Brama Portowa

Pictured: Brama Portowa (April 2012)
Pictured: Brama Portowa (April 2012)
When the shell of the buildings was completed last February, the general contractor started finishing work. Now the most intensive work is going on at façades and installations.

The façades of both buildings will be covered with black stone; additionally, composite panels will be installed on the dome.  HVAC installation work is under way and cabling is being laid for electrical wiring.  Plaster is being placed inside the premises.

In April external work will be started - construction pathways and development of the area around the buildings.

In accordance with the schedule, the work is to be completed this autumn. Implementation of the shell lasted 15 months. As a result of this work the office space was created, which gives large spectrum of possible arrangements of interior design and planning of individual storeys. In near near future investor expects to find the first tenants.

The investor will deliver to the market two office buildings, located in the city center. The first building will offer 4 000 sq m of office space and 580 sq m of retail space, while in the second building (Brama Portowa II) tenants could lease 6 800 sq m of office space and a 400 square meters of retail space. Users will be provided with parking places and space for cyclists.

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