Ufficio Primo regained regained its glamour.

One of the most expensive renovations in Warsaw has been finished. The building which was to be a pride of Warsaw in 1960s has been exposed again.

The realisation of the investment has begun in 1950s and the panicle was located on it in 1960s. Jan Lubomirski - Lanskoronski, the CEO of Euro Invest has called this exclusive building 'a pearl in the crown'.  Initially the building was made for the Comunistical Presidium of the Goverment which was supposed to have its headquarters here. The officials however abandoned it after just a few years. In 1990s it was a property of Daewoo and in 2005 it was bought by Euro Invest - the company of Jan Kulczyk

The renovation was extraordinarily costly - over 60 milliion PLN have been spent. The new looks of the high- rise was worked on by more than 250 people. The renovation has been finished 2 months ago.

It is not entirely new investment because in fact it began in 1950s. We have only finished it and slightly improved, but the project of prof. Marek Leykam is and incredible and timeless masterpiece -  said Jan Lubomirski - Lanckoronski.

The project of Marek Leykam is impressive even today and during the renovation of this incredible building many innovative and modern solutions have been applied which is rare for constructions of this type in Poland.

This building was supposed to be a representative structure. In fact it is now a symbol of restoring a certain reality to Warsaw, and incredible solutions of architects such as prof. Leykam - admitted Lubomirski - Lanckoronski.

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