Sky Tower Opening

Sky Tower would like to invite everyone on a grand inauguration of their investment on May 23rd in Wroclaw. It is currently the highest office building in Poland.

Almost 600 guests have been invited to the event including as known and respected individualities as Lech Walesa, Leszek Balcerowicz or Tadeusz Mazowiecki.

Sky Tower is 212m high. The total area of the building is 171 thousand square meters which includes 22 thousand sq. m A+  office space, 20 thousand sq. m of residential area, over 24 thousand sq. m of commercial area, a recreational area consisting of SPA, sport centre and medical centre. There are also 1500 parking spaces.

The investment was built on a parcel of land covering 2.7 hectare (6.7 acre) between Powstancow Slaskich and Gwiazdzista  st. and Wielka and Szczesliwa st. in the centre of Wroclaw. The building consists of three parts: the base (the podium) containing a shopping mall, and two buildings comprising residential and office functions in a form of a characteristic tower and a sail attached to it.


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