ECO Plac Unii has received BREEAM

In May this year the office part of Plac Unii building which is currently being built in Warsaw has received a BREEAM certificate reserved specifically for projects realized by the rules of sustainable building. Plac Unii has received a ‘very good’ mark.

We are extremely content that the project has received a BREEAM certificate with a ‘very good’ mark. That confirms not only that we care about the quality of our building and the comfort of our customers but also about the environment – says Marc Lebbe the Chief Manager of Liebrecht & wood which is the major investor in this project.

Overall more than 80 criteria had been judged. Among them we can find the building management, water consumption, CO2 emission, the influence of the materials used for the environment, the influence of the building on health and mood of its users, the location, communicational solutions considered in terms of CO2 emissions reduction, waste management, the space management and minimizing of the pollution of the environment. Having received a very good mark, the investment can now be considered one of the greenest buildings in Poland.
There are numerous state of the art technologies used in the building such as water leakage sensors, the air quality monitoring, insolation and sensors and acoustic efficiency below 35 dB. 

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