Hines Russia&Poland Fund closed.

Hines, an international real estate company has announced information about the closing of Russia&Poland Fund which purpose is to invest over 900 mln euro in real estate market in Russia and Poland.

The strategy of the company is to invest money that comes from a variety of financial institutions, national funds of assets and pension funds, trust funds and from other investors from Europe, Asia and The United States.
The coordinators of the investment will be Mieczyslaw Godzisza in Poland and Lee Timminsa in Russia. The fund is managed by a special team which is based in Luxemburg and leaded by Simon Shen. The capital has been divided adequately 80% for Russia and 20% for Poland.

Hines has been functioning on a Russian real estate market since 1992 and on the Polish one since 1996. According to data from the 12th of December 2011 Hines Inc. owns real estate which are worth 2 billion US dollars of which Hines and its departments own 1.25 billion dollars’ worth of properties.

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