Time for cheap offices

Renting an office can be cheaper. Thanks to the new technologies the lighting of the premises has an even greater impact on the bills.

The latest research run by Skanska Property Poland in collaboration with Philips indicates that different lighting configurations have actual impact on the consumption of energy in the premises. The measurements have been made in the Philips laboratory in Kętrzyn. In three rooms A, B and C three different systems of lighting have been installed, respectively: fluorescent lamps (without a control system), fluorescent lamps (with a control system, and motion and light sensors) and energy-saving LED lighting (with the same control system as in room B).

The research is run since January 2012. After 4 months, the difference in energy savings between rooms A and B was 38%, while between rooms A and C even 65%. This shows that the lighting can have a great impact on the consumption of energy.

The tenants shall be also motivated to rational energy consumption by the fact that they have to pay the bills for energy and water themselves, apart from the basic exploitation costs. In consequence, this will cause lower bills as well as smaller harm caused to the natural environment. 

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