Monika Wasilewska-Serwiak Opinion about: Appreciation for MediaHUB

MediaHUB office was awarded in Punkt dla Łodzi plebiscite, which shows a clear points on the city's map. read full article >

BTC Sp. z o.o. is a consulting company which bases its competences on years of experience in auditing and creating software for IT resource management. In our work we combine the domain of  specialised informatics with business values (business confidence, consulting, tools). Since the very beginnings of the company we have been located in Szczecin and we feel good here, our employees come from the town and despite our international aspirations, we would like our headquarters to stay here.

For many years Szczecin office market did not offer many possibilities for local tenants dealing with IT. It has not been until recently that we observe a significant increase of supply. Additionally, spaces which could answer our needs start to appear on the market. As every IT company, we pay special attention to data security. We need to verify all risks of data loss. Issues such as access control, energy security, raised floor and independent server cooling system are very important both for us and for our Clients.

In view of the specificity of the IT job market we want to design our own office space in order to make it even more attractive for the employees. The future work place will foster creativity, inspire action, encourage cooperation. Today state-of-the-art office space not only changes the tenant's image but also helps to attract and keep the most talented employees. By reason of constant and dynamic development of our company we will pay special attention to that during our relocation which is planned to take place this year. Thus, we started cooperation with CBRE - a renowned global adviser on the real estate market. In our opinion the company of all companies on the market has the richest experience in providing services for demanding IT Clients.

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