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The real estate market specialists’ meeting took place in CB-F Nowy Świat in Warsaw.

The next meeting of real estate market specialists is over. The conference “Facility Management” was held on 31 August 2011 in Banking and Financial Centre Nowy Świat in Warsaw. The discussion organised by MultiTrain and sponsored by Otis, Probit, and Tron, was a great occasion to exchange experiences – the topics included various issues connected with commercial properties.

The conference was started with a lecture given by Ph.D. Bartłomiej Śliwiński, President of Institute of Risk Management, who discussed the issues related to Facility Management market of services in Poland. After definining some notions, he discussed also home market in the context of other European markets and identified trends in the development of this sector. He also showed the advantage of process management over preservative management. He finished his speech with a brief description of quality certificates and norms occurring in the country and the world, which are to be met by commercial buildings.

The second presentation was about vertical and horizontal transport.  Representatives of Otis, Krzysztof Dubiel and Kinga Nowakowska, discussed systems offered by this company, which can be used practically in all kinds of buildings. Elevator, escalator, and travelator modernisation offers also include solutions for preventive services provided in Poland by specialised subcontractors.

The next thematic block was started with a presentation by Tomasz Żebruń, Vice President of TRon, an authorised partner of Comarch. Initially, he enumerated the advanatages of computerisation process and individualised software used in enterprises. Then, he spoke about the tool offered by Tron, so-called TRIstan, dedicated to commercial property managers.

The next lecture was about modern screens mounted in buildings. Tomasz Wojciechowski from Eveo presented UVRE – designed and implemented by the company solution for managing the screens and multimedia message displayed on those media. He argued that such type of multimedia presentation is not only used for advertising purposes, it can also brings a company significant savings and prestige. Bartłomiej Płuciennik from NEC Display Solutions also spoke about the screens. The representative of image display device manufacturer described the systems executed by the company, from single screens to complex implementations of up to 25 4-inch screens connected together. The speaker also stressed the wider role of applied solutions, not only promotional one. He presented devices and their informative, teleconferencing, and monitoring functions. Also, he proposed another use of offered products, among others, highly specialised solutions applied in medicine (screens used during surgery).

Tadeusz Sztop, responsible for the implementation of projects in HSG Zander Poland, spoke about the implementation of FM services in commercial buildings. He also mentioned the systems of maintaining the level of service delivery – SLA (Service Level Agreement) and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) - the method of measuring the effectiveness of implemented solutions. Moreover, he presented integrated, commercial, and technical FM services, and processes which optmise real estate functioning. 

In turn Monika Kowalczyk from Keen Property Management in her presentation described specific aspects of commercial and residential property management, which are intended for rental purposes. She also spoke about practical methods for managing single premises as well as apartment complexes of the highest standard, which are in possession of individual owners, both Polish or foreign ones.

The Facility Management Conference was finished with a lecture given by Barbara Olejniczak from a Chamber of Legal Advisers, Olejniczak&Richardson, who raised the subject of rental agreement clauses. She discussed their importance in the process of contract negotiations and their impact on the value of the future contract as a financial instrument. Those clauses included the following elements:  commissioning deadline, methods of rent and additional fee payment, and manager salary.

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