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In the photo: a seminar on "Sustainable design - the need for an integrated design"
In the photo: a seminar on "Sustainable design - the need for an integrated design"
By the end of 2012, the first Polish housing estate, built according to the principles of sustainable development will be created in Wrocław's district, Nowe Żerniki.

A debate on investment in Wroclaw's Nowe Żerniki took place on March 29 in the Congress Center in Wroclaw's "Hala Stulecia." During a seminar on "Sustainable design - the need for integrated design" architects, developers, representatives of the city, Wroclaw University of Technology lecturers and representatives  all professional groups involved in the construction process of investment, had the opportunity to meet and exchange views. 

The event was the first meeting of the third edition of the national seminars, which are organized as part of the "Partnership for sustainable construction." French company RD bud. initiated the meeting and is the sponsor.The project aims to raise awareness on sustainable design industry by initiating discussion among all parties involved in the investment process in the most interesting Polish regions. 
Our goal is to educate and develop the principles of co-operation of all participants of the investment process at every stage so the implementation of sustainable buildings becomes a reality.We now have technologies that allow us to realize the investment in such a way as not to destroy the balance of the environment and preserve them for future generations - Said Jean Luc Darras, Technical Director at RD bud. 
During the seminar held in Wroclaw, there was a debate on the issues of construction plans for new settlements in Nowe Żerniki, with the participation of Piotr Fokczyński, the architect of the city of Wroclaw,  Zbigniew Maćków Chamber of Architects President of Lower Silesia and Rafał Jarodzki, CEO of the Archicom company. 
Seminar participants agreed that plans to build a housing estate in the Nowe Żerniki requires cooperation between the city and developers involved in the project and architects. - Housing on Nowe Żerniki will be organic and self-sufficient.There will be places to work and to live - said Zbigniew Maćków. 
Piotr Fokczyński, architect of the city of Wroclaw added that currently the project is socially consulted. Residents of the nearby area actively participate in all meetings. 
In the second part of the seminar a practical workshops took place. They were prepared by Arup and APA Wojciechowski, which familiarized the participants whith sustainable design.  Participants worked on various projects with model objects in groups covering all professional groups involved in the investment process. The final score was a sum of points from the categories such as the knowledge of the building's energy efficiency issues, the environment care, planning and construction organization, rational grounds and water management and the financial side of the problem. 
After this seminar, held in Wroclaw, initiating a series of seminars, the next will be held in Katowice, Wroclaw, Lodz, Tri-City, Poznan and Warsaw. 
The honorary patronage over the event took over the Polish Council of Architecture, the Association of Polish Architects, Technical University of Wroclaw, the Polish Association of Developers and Forum for Responsible Development.  Media sponsors included: Business Pulse,   Architecture Murator,, Inwestycjebudowlane.Eco manager,, Gazeta Wyborcza Wrocław and 
The organizer of the seminars is Bluevine Consulting company. 
Information about the coalition: 
A coalition of companies working to promote sustainable construction was formed for the "Partnership for Sustainable Construction" project. These include the companies from various sectors of construction, developers, general contractors, representatives of the architectural offices, manufacturers and managers of buildings.   
Among them are companies such as: RD bud, Company of Polish Town Planners, Cushman & Wakefield, PM Group, TUP SA, Pilkington, APA Wojciechowski, HP. 
This year, the coalition was joined by Kerakoll company, which offers global solutions in the field of materials and services in the GreenBuilding technology, Responsible Business Forum and the Polish Association of Developers.  And also an architectural company, Broadway Malyan, the law firm Certo and 3D design solutions provider for the architectural-constructional industry, Autodesk. 

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