New possibilities for business in Radom

Radom Office Park
Radom Office Park
Radom, a city located 100 km from Warsaw, has a chance to become an important business centre in Poland.

Lower employment and office rent rates costs, as well as good communication with Warsaw, Cracow, Łódź, Lublin and Rzeszów are, according to the report of Walter Herz, main advantages of Radom. This second in size city in Mazowieckie province, has a chance to increase its attractiveness to foreigners by the creation of a neighbouring civilian airport. Will Radom become a major business centre?


The companies making decision concerning starting up their operations in this city, point out the availability of highly qualified workforce. Currently living in Radom are about 220 000 inhabitants, from which 63,8 percent is in the productive age. As Walter Herz informs, one of the problems of the city is high unemployment, which has reached the level of 22,7 percent. It translates to a below-average monthly gross salary of an average employee (3411 PLN). On the other hand, the number of graduates of higher education institutions is constantly growing and has recently reached 16 percent of inhabitants.


For potential employers, it means an easy access to qualified staff, cheaper than in bigger cities. Development of business would cause a decrease in unemployment, which is of key importance to this city.


Office market


Some time ago, Radom lacked the required infrastructure and especially, modern office space. B or B+ class office buildings, located primarily in tenant's houses of the city centre dominated on the market.


Currently the situation has changed, as in the current year a first phase of construction of an important office project – Radom Office Park – has been completed. It has supplemented the market with first 5000 sqm of A class office space. Included in the second part of the investment is the construction of another 5000 sqm of space, which will give a total of 20 000 sqm of office space available in the city.


It's worth pointing out, that average rent rates in Radom are not to high – they fluctuate between 8 to 11 Euro/sqm/month.


Which companies should be interested in the city's potential? Primarily service centre for business (BPO/ SSC), for which it will be a significant decrease in costs. According to Walter Herz experts, more and more inquires come from the companies of this sector, including companies not yet present in Poland.


Other amenities which this city can offer to its business partners are also worth pointing out. In 2001, the city's surroundings have been included in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone. What's also important is the construction of the aforementioned civilian airport and the southern bypass of the city. Moreover, the modernization of the railway route, connecting the city with Warsaw and Cracow, is also in plans. Another attribute of Radom is the number of higher education institutions. The city is the second biggest education centre in the province, providing 14 universities and academies, educating almost 14 000 students.


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