ECO Savills will commercialize Polski Holding Nieruchomości's office buildings.

Property on Foksal 10A St., one of Polski Holding Nieruchomości's flagship projects.
Property on Foksal 10A St., one of Polski Holding Nieruchomości's flagship projects.
Warsaw. The agency is going to acquire leaseholders for four buildings in total.


The structures for whose commercialization Savills is going to be responsible for are the currently under construction buildings on Foksal 10A and Rakowicka 19 St. Savills will also be in charge of cooperation with current leaseholders and for renting out the remaining area of CBB Kaskada and Belvedere Plaza projects.

- We're glad that we've won the tender for servicing Polski Holding Nieruchomości in the area of lease of a large part of holding's commercial property portfolio in Warsaw. During the last 24 months, PHN underwent many positive changes and it is soon to be privatized through Warsaw Stock Exchange, which - considering the holding properties' huge potential - might attract attention of many large investors. The task which we've been called to perform will have a direct impact on the leased properties's worth, and that's why we will pour all of our efforts into fulfilling the objectives we've been assigned and providing high level of occupancy in properties entrusted to us - emphasises Tomasz Buras, Office Area Department Director at Savills.

Polski Holding Nieruchomości's office property portfolio, with which Savills is going to concern itself is really impressive. First of all one has to mention the cameral investment on Foksal 10A St., which is to be completed in year 2014. This A class office building will supply Polish capital's office area market with over 3 000 m2. The building is being constructed in accordance with sustainable construction principles and is going to apply for BREEAM environmental cerificate. The building's style will allude to art deco.

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