Jasna 26 almost completely rented out

Jasna 26 project's investors are: AIGA Investments, Mermaid Holding, FCM Salamanca.
Jasna 26 project's investors are: AIGA Investments, Mermaid Holding, FCM Salamanca.
Warsaw. Sołtysiński, Kawecki & Szlęzak chambers have become one of the main leaseholder of a modern A-class office building.


The lawyers have become leaseholders of almost 5 000 sq. m. of office area, which makes up 85% of the entire building's area. Jasna 26 building enjoys a large interest, especially because of its excellent location in Warsaw's center - on Dąbrowskiego square, 100 m from Marszałkowska St., 50 m from Świętokrzyska St. The law office is going to move into leased area in year 2014.

- Jasna 26 means thought-out both architectural and functional solutions. We've prepared the project mainly with companies, for which important are not only high requirements regarding the office itself but also a image enhancing location. One could say that these postulates have answered the market's expectations in 100%. A deal signed with one of the lead Polish legal practices, Sołtysiński, Kawecki & Szlęzak proves that Jasna 26 is the best place for very demanding clients. Jasna 26 is a unique project created based on the highest developer standards. Our objective was to reach the most prestigous clients. Sołtysiński, Kawecki & Szlęzak chambers has been loking for a new office for quite some time. At that, it had high requirements, which weren't easy to fulfill. We have managed to fully adjust the projects to the main leaseholder's needs - says Łukasz Dołęga, vice president at Mermaid Properties.

- Our chambers are one of the leading private legal practices in Poland. We provide legal services for Polish and foreign economic subjects. Good opinion among clients is primarily the result of our work, however a modern office, even if in a structure endered in preservationist's care, in a very good location is a crucial part in building our image. We had clearly established requirements regarding our new chambers. I admit that they went significantly beyond standard offers available on the market. Today, I invite our current and future clients to our new headquarters on Jasna 26 in Warsaw - adds Witold Głuchowski, Sołtysiński, Kawecki & Szlęzak's commercial proxy.

It's worth mentioning that 410 m2 of office area remains available in Jasna 26.


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