Medana and Atlas bet on Łódź

Another two companies have recieved official permissions to operate business activity in Łódź's SSE

Two companies, Medana Pharma SA and Atlas SA have recieved permissions to operate business activity on Łódzka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna (Łódź's Special Economic Zone) grounds. Together, they will spend at least 50 million zł.

Medana Pharma copartnership is a part of Polpharma Group. The company, which is one of the lead in manufacturing of pediatric medicine and multivitamins, intends to modernize its plant located in Sieradz Subzone. Lab equipment purchased under the investment will allow to conduct research and perform small production series ( so-called small runs). The company is going to invest at least 45 million zł and increase employment by at least 4 new workers.

In turn, Wytwórnia Klejów i Zapraw Budowlanych SA ,belonging to Atlas Group, is preparing an investment in Zgierz Subzone. The planned investment will include purchasing a modern flexographic printer and supporting equipment for packaging manufacturing process. The company will spend at least 5 million zł and employ 4 new workers.

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