Prudential Opens New Premises in Okrąglak

The visualisation of modernised "Okrąglak", an office block in the centre of Poznań.
The visualisation of modernised "Okrąglak", an office block in the centre of Poznań.
Prudential Polska, LLC has become a new lessee of Okrąglak, the famous Poznań office block.

Immobel Poland, the owner of the "Okrąglak" office block located in the centre of Poznań, signed a lease agreement with Prudential Polska, LLC. The lessee is going to occupy 374 sq m.

The modernisation of "Okrąglak" has been recently completed. Presently, the low-energy, ecological building offers modern office space with convenient facilities. Immobel Polska modernises its buildings following the BREEAM system requirements.
Prudential is one of the leading insurance companies in Great Britain. It appeared in Poland before World War II, offering its services under the name Prudential Assurance Company Limited and through its subsidiary "Przezorność".

We are very glad that our first project carried out in Poland was recognised by Prudential, a well-known international company. "Okrąglak" is an unusual building, and thanks to the thorough modernisation, which turned it into a high-class office block, it can meet high requirements  of companies such as Prudential. It goes to show that thanks to the efforts of modernisers historical buildings have a chance for a second life, and they can once again become important landmarks in the city – says Bartłomiej Hofman, the President of the Management Board of Immobel Polska, LLC.

Paweł Łagoda, the Facility Manager of the company adds: – After nearly 70 years, Prudential will again offer its insurance services to Polish clients. As a company experienced in international business, we open our offices in special places. "Okrąglak" has always been the most recognizable building in Poznań. Therefore, it was the first office block we asked Immobel about while looking for new premises in the city. We believe that revitalised "Okrąglak" will meet the highest office standards and that our cooperation will be very successful and fruitful.

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