Over a half of Ochota Office Park complex already leased

Office complex Ochota Office Park
Office complex Ochota Office Park
Office complex in Warsaw, currently known as Ochota Office Park, a many-years place of T-Mobile company, in June has gained a new owner. After 6 weeks since the object was bought by Adgar Group, lease contracts have been signed for 57% of the building's space.

Companies' interest in Ochota Office Park offices is a result of favourable localisation, near strict business centre of the capital, and a developed gastronomic and service back-up facilities in that part of the city (for example Blue City and CH Reduta shopping centres). The building is also distinguished by high standard of technological infrastructure, including independent power supply, power generating units and access to wireless network.

The tenants can choose between three buildings, having total usable space of 43 thousand m2. Each was divided into 5 to 7 overground storeys. Additionally, in the basements of office complex there were three garages prepared. Together with a parking lot near the building, they offer 1,100 spaces for the employees.

Currently in Ochota Office Park there are such companies as Covidien Polska, Garmin Polska, PKO SA, UPS and Anwim. Names of the representatives of the companies, which will be a part of the progressing commercialisation of the complex, will be announced after the companies officially move into leased office space.

Simultaneously to the plans of developing the object, Adgar Group wants to invest in building modernisation program, whose aim is to increase the building's attractiveness. The changes being implemented aim at the possibility of using IT solutions in the buildings. Eyal Litwin. As Rafał Wdowczyk, Associate Director in the Office Agency of CBRE and the representative of Adgar Group, convinces – Ochota Office Park is an extremely interesting project. Adgar Group is working with a strategy of investing in an existing object and increasing its attractiveness for the tenants. The fact, that right after the place was bought, over a half of the complex has been leased, proves that it is a good direction.

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