GWO moves into Alchemia

Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk
Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk
Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe decided to move its seat to Alchemia office block in Gdańsk.

Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe took up over 2500 sq. m of space in Alchemia. We have been developing dynamically for many years, which obviously results in increasing the number of employees, commented Jan Mysior, the co-owner of the publishing house. Our multimedia department has recently increased, and there is also a new editorial staff for elementary education, which prepares the series “Lokomotywa” (Locomotive) for the youngest pupils in primary school. In the office block, in which we are now, it began to be a bit tight and this is why we decided to move, he explained.


Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Oświatowe has been operating since 1991 and is one of the first private educational publishing houses in Poland. Currently, there are 160 employees in the publishing house. In Alchemia, GWO rents mostly rooms for several people, where the editors work. Open space is used only for the multimedia department.


Alchemia is a multi-functional office complex, made by Torus company on Aleja Grunwaldzka Street in Gdańsk. The first stage provided the market with 16 700 sq. m of office space. Even more, 4 500 sq. m is dedicated to sports and leisure centre, which offers swimming pools, a gym, fitness hall, sports hall and climbing walls.


The second stage of the complex will offer almost 21 000 sq. m of office space and over 2 600 sq. m of service space.

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