Griffin Group buys a new office block

Company House II in Warsaw
Company House II in Warsaw
Company House II in Warsaw is yet another office block in the real estate holdings of Griffin Group.

The new purchase of Griffin Group is located on Aleje Jerozolimskie 195A Street in Warsaw and previously belonged to AXA Real Estate. Company House II office building is the headquarters of Polish branch of Microsoft. The transaction was completed on Wednesday, 19 February.


The investment in Company House II is a natural complement of our purchase in February 2013, when we bought the twin building Company House I, the so-called Philips House. Both buildings are parts of a whole, they complement each other well, and we believe that if they have one owner, they will help us to achieve synergy, commented Tomasz Tondera from Griffin Group, who coordinated the purchase of the property.


Company House II offers 9379 sq. m of usable area. The building was constructed in 2003. The main tenants are Microsoft and Agfa, which will remain in the building after its owner has changed. The transaction was co-financed by Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG.


In total, in the last three months Griffin Group bought three office blocks in the capital city, the combined value of which amounts to over 200 million zloty. In December 2013, the Group acquired Nordic Park, located on Kruczkowskiego Street, while in January 2014 Bliski Office Center on Żurawia Street was added to the company’s real estate holdings.

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