GET IT opens its office in Agdar Park West

Adgar Park West
Adgar Park West
Warsaw complex Agdar Park West gained yet another tenant, GET IT, company specialising in business translation.

Adgar Park West (formerly - Ochota Office Park) is located on Aleje Jerozolimskie 181 Street in Warsaw. In 2013, the complex was bought by Adgar Group, which is conducting a thorough modernisation of the building, as well as building the sports zone AdgarFit. GET IT appreciated the advantages of the building and rented over 600 sq. m of space. Thanks to this transaction, the complex, which offers a total of 43 000 sq. m, is rented in almost 60 per cent.


In April 2014, GET IT will move into the third floor of the six-storey building B. 60 employees will work in the seat of the company. Agdar Group will deal with the space arrangement and its division. In addition, the tenant rented also the server room. The agreement was signed for 5 years. On behalf of GET IT, the agreement was signed by Michał Długokęcki, vice-president of the management board in GET IT, while Adgar Group was represented by Eyal Litwin, the president of Adgar in Poland, and Michael Mevorach, the proxy.


Deciding to rent office space in Adgar Park West, we took many factors into account, such as convenient location, large area corresponding to our needs as a dynamically growing company, as well as IT infrastructure available in the complex, said Michał Długokęcki, vice-president of the management board of GET IT. In our business model, the key is to ensure our customers’ peace of mind, which means certainty that we punctually deliver what we promised to do. The largest Polish and foreign companies use our services, and they expect speed and full availability from us. Our customers also demand the highest security of documents entrusted to us, as far as IT is concerned. As a result, reliability is crucial in our business, and to be reliable we need fully secure, advanced base in the form of a modern server room, just like the one offered by Adgar, he explained.


From the very beginning of my career, I have always been associated with IT and I set myself a goal to make advanced technologies the feature which distinguishes all projects by Adgar. The complex Adgar Park West, the former seat of T-Mobile, met the highest requirements for IT solutions already at the time when we bought it. At present, we develop the infrastructure available in the building, thanks to which we can offer modern, technologically advanced office complex to our tenants, commented Eyal Litwin, the president of Adgar in Poland.


GET IT will join the ranks of tenants such as Anwim, BSH, Covidien Polska, Garmin Polska, Geodis Logistics Polska, Gravitan, Wydawnictwo Prawnicze LexisNexis, bank Pekao S.A., Sport Guru and UPS.

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