New establishment of PKO BP in Szczecin office

Brama Portowa II in Szczecin
Brama Portowa II in Szczecin
PKO BP rented area in Brama Portowa II building in Sczecin.

The Bank is going to occupy 1090 sq. m of commercial area and it will open its department as well as a customer service point of brokerage house. The investor of Brama Portowa II building in Szczecin is SwedeCenter partnership which is owned by Inter IKEA Group.


To meet expectations of clients, the Bank would like to offer its service in modern and more comfortable interiors. Brama Portowa fully corresponds to these needs. We are planning to start the activity in a new headquarters in the second half of 2014 – explains Beata Radziwanowska, Director of Retail Banking Region of PKO BP in Szczecin. The change of location will also concern Department 1 and Customer Service Point of Brokerage House which are located at Niepodległości Avenue.


Brama Portowa complex is composed of two independent office buildings which jointly offer 12 900 sq. m of office and commercial space. The first of the buildings – Brama Portowa I received LEED Gold certificate, whereas the second one is currently in the process of certification. 


We are planning to finish the process of commercialization of the project this year. The prognoses are very promising. „Grzybek” is rented in over 80 per cent, whereas there are 40 per cent of space intended for letting in „Poczta” building – comments Roger Andersson, Managing Director in SwedeCenter.


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