Szczecin's offices have a foundation stone

Official rite of laying the foundation stone under two offices at Port Gate in Szczecin.

Despite the fact that works have already started 26th January this year, just yesterday an official rite of laying the foundation stone to two offices at Port Gate in Szczeciń was held.

Complex will inherit a name after perfectly distinguished location in the city centre. The first office is so called "Post office" ("Poczta") because it is located near the post office, the second got a name "Mushroom" ("Grzybek") - as a memento of structure in this place with a mushroom shape. Officially buildings were named, adequately Port Gate I and Port Gate II.

Investor, SwedeCenter coo-partnership, which belongs to Inter Ikea centre, has chosen Hochtief Polska Company for a General Contractor of complex. Offices are supposed to be ready-made in the fourth quarter of 2012. They will be one of the most characteristic place in a city. Employed solutions will enable to get a LEED certification.

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