Altkom Akademia moves to Alchemia

Multi-functional complex Alchemia in Gdańsk
Multi-functional complex Alchemia in Gdańsk
The company, operating on the market of education for business, locates its centre in the multi-functional complex Alchemia in Gdańsk.

The company Academy ITL Polska will take up 600 sq. m of office space, where it will locate 12 training halls. The facility will service ca. 5 000 students a year.


An increasing number of companies and students from Tricity use our services. We have to provide them with comfortable conditions, appropriate to their development, and this is why we decided to move our current seat in Gdynia to the complex Alchemia in Gdańsk, emphasises Arkadiusz Szymański, the Director of the Region North in Altkom Akademia SA.


The new tenant of the complex Alchemia is one of the largest training companies in Poland, present in 16 cities. The headquarters of Altkom Akademia is located in Warsaw. A modern centre of the company will be created in Alchemia, together with reception hall, catering zone and training rooms. The branch will be adjusted to conducting technical trainings and exams, as well as to conducting the so-called “soft” training, and business simulations, which demand largest area and different arrangement, explains Arkadiusz Szymański.


Altkom Akademia will move into the sixth floor of the tower Aurum. The facility will begin its work in July 2014. There will be ca. 20 employees in the commercial, administration and training implementation departments. The lease agreement was signed for 5 years.


Altkom Akademia is yet another company present in the region, which moves its seat to a modern office block. Relocation is already a strong trend on our market. The companies notice and derive huge benefits from optimisation of office space and improving the working comfort of their team, notices Maciej Brożek, commercialisation director in the company Torus, the developer of Alchemia.


Aurum Tower, together with Platinum Tower, are parts of the first stage of Alchemia, which was put into use in January 2014 and provided 16 700 sq. m of office space. Currently 86% of offices in the building is rented. In December 2013, the construction work on the second stage of the investment started. It will offer almost 21 000 sq. m of offices in Ferrum and Titanium towers, and over 2 600 sq. m accompanying space. The end of this stage is planned for the fourth quarter of 2015.

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