OBSS rents new space in Wrocław

West House 1B
West House 1B
The company Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists decided to double the rented space in the office block West House 1B.

Currently, Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists (OBSS) rents out 2000 sq. m in West House 1B. The company decided to rent another 2 000 sq. m in the second stage of this investment, currently under construction. During transaction the property owner, Grupa Archicom, was represented by the company Knight Frank.


The tenant moved into the building at the beginning of 2014. According to the schedule, the second part of the project (the twin building with the area of 6 000 sq. m) is to be put into use at the end of the third quarter of 2014. In the second stage of the building West House 1B, ca. 4000 sq. m of modern office space is still available - it is only 30% of the total rentable area of the building, which, taking into account the current interest of potential tenants, may be fully commercialised to the end of 2014, says Dorota Kościelak, Partner and Regional Director of Knight, who manages the company’s branch in Wrocław.


West House 1B is located on Strzegomska Street 142A in Wrocław. The office building is a part of the complex West Forum, which ultimately will consist of 6 to 8 buildings, offering a total of ca. 80 000 sq. m of space.


Apart from high standards (class A) and ecological parameters (LEED Gold pre-certificate), it is the development within the same floor which is the key to business expansion of OBSS, explains Tomasz Sujak, sales manager in Archicom. Horizontal choice of space allows the company to function as one organism, he adds, emphasising that the tenants of the building are satisfied with the low working costs, extensive possibilities of arrangement and access to daylight. Two large car parks are also of importance.


Currently, the city is working on prolonging the existing fragment of the bus lane on Strzegomska Street towards the centre. Kazimierz Śródka, the President of Archicom, says that the company is enthusiastic about this project. We also support the city in the concept of making the streets Otyńska and Fabryczna passable as alternative transport route. A big advantage of the adjacent architecture would also be the launch of the station of Wrocławska Kolej Aglomeracyjna (Wrocław Aglomeration railway) between the complexes of West Forum and IMB. The station would be a stop on the axis of the Main Railway Station and the Airport, he informs.


West House 1B is the winner of the competition The Office Building of the Year 2013, organised by the portal e-biurowce.pl

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