Call Center in CB Neptun

Neptun Business Center in Gdańsk
Neptun Business Center in Gdańsk
Call Center Inter Galactica partnership rented area in Neptun Office Center in Gdańsk.

Call Center Inter Galactica company has been occupying ca. 550 sq. m of office area in Neptun Office Center since the second half of 2014. The office of the tenant is situated on +2 tier in the building.


CB Neptun is located at Grunwaldzka 103A Avenue in Gdańsk. The investment received an use permit at the end of March this year and it is certified in BREEAM system. The office is the first height building in Gdańsk which reaches 85 meters. The structure offers 15 860 sq. m of office area on 19 tiers. There are reception hall as well as service and commercial premises located on the ground floor of the building. Moreover, the conference halls were arranged on the ground floor.


The CB Neptun project was devised in AEDAS CE architectural studio. Furthermore, the investor of CB Neptun is Hines company, whereas the general contractor of completed construction works was Budimex S.A. 


Call Center Inter Galactica offers services of a call center type. It functions in Częstochowa, Opole, Kielce, Gdańsk and Wrocław. 


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