Zaułek Piękna attracts new companies

Office building Zaułek Piękna in Warsaw
The project offers more than 8000 square meters office space
Four companies rented areas in the Zaułek Piękna office, situated at the crossroad of Piękna and Krucza Street in Warsaw.

Two partnerships of the Sony concern, MCC Energy Merchants, GWW office and Metalexport company signed new lease agreements in the office owned by a fund liable to Invesco Real Estate. Transactions concerned jointly 2028 sq. m. for which Savills company acted as agent.

Zaułek Piękna arouses unflagging interest of the tenants, mainly because of its localization and interesting architecture. Presently, the building is rented in 90 per cent. We are conducting advanced talks with tenants who are interested in last three modules with total area of 970 sq. m – commented Lidia Malec, senior negotiator in Office Space Department of Savills, which is responsible for the rental of the building.

This year in March, 457 sq. m of office space were rented by two partnerships owned by Sony concern: Sony Music Publishing Poland, one of the biggest producers and music publishers in the world, and AXN Poland television station.

Since June 2014, MCC Energy Merchants partnership, which is present on the sale and distribution fuel market, has been occupying 457 sq. m.

GWW office, who offers its clients a comprehensive legal consulting related to economic activities cases, decided to extend the term of the agreement concerning 839 sq. m. The company will stay in the office for another five years.

Metalexport company, i.a. an equipment, services and technology for uniformed services supplier, made a decision to enlarge an occupied space in the complex. Currently, the partnership’s office occupies 275 sq. m.

Zaułek Piękna is situated in the close city centre in Warsaw, in the neighborhood of Plac Trzech Krzyży. It offers over 8000 sq. m of an office rental space on 9 tiers.

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