The expansion of OBSS in Wrocław is being continued

West House 1B in Wroclaw
Interior in West House 1B
Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists (OBSS) company enlarged an area rented in the West House 1B office once again.

OBSS company rented additional 1160 sq. m of area in Wrocław office owned by Archicom Group. Thus the registered office of the tenant currently occupies over 5000 sq. m of an office space.

We are pleased with moving the office to the West House 1B. Our expectations regarding the new registered office were fully satisfied. The areas are arranged exactly in the way as we need them. We have many parking places for both cars and bicycles. We work in an ecological and safe building, that is modern and friendly – says Marta Kacprzak, Head of Communication & Marketing OBSS.

The West House 1B is a member of the largest business complex in Wrocław – West Forum, which will be ultimately offering 100 000 sq. m of a commercial area.

OBSS company rented the first areas in the office with the end of 2013. At the beginning of the current year, the tenant decided to enlarge his abode to another 2000 sq. m in the second stage of the office’s building. This transaction increased an occupied space to 4000 sq. m. A dynamic development of Objectivity Bespoke Software Specialists and permanent recruitment (currently the company hires almost 350 employees) influenced the decision about another expansion of the area.

We are pleased that modern and ecological building hit the nail on the head of OBSS needs. Our company hopes that we will be able to develop our business on the new area even more dynamic. It is a confirmation for Archicom that standards of the West Forum complex are compatible with expectations of a present office market – comments Tomasz Sujak, commercial director of Archicom Group.

Currently, the building of the second stage of the West House 1B is being continued. Within the framework of it, a twin building with 6000 sq. m of area is being built. The completion is planned on the third quarter of 2014. Presently, 3000 sq. m are available in the second stage of the building. Knight Frank company is responsible for the commercialization of the West House 1B, which is at the same time the manager of the complex.

The first stage of the West House 1B was the winner in the “Office Building of the Year 2013” competition, organized by portal. 

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