New start-ups in Incubator in Krakow

Companies Rental Solutions and have joined the rank of start-ups established in the Technology Incubator KPT.

Technology Incubator, functioning since 2008 as part of the Krakow Technology Park, offers open space workspace, business consulting, specialized training and strategic coaching. At the end of July, to the rank of start-ups operating within the Incubator joined the two new companies.


Rental Solutions, a company run by Paul Judah, provides software and services related to car rentals. Start of the project was supported by funding from the POIG 8.1. The second new company in the Incubator is - a platform on which to present people willing to perform on behalf of a various simple household chores.


Currently, the services of the Incubator KPT uses 21 start-ups. Our Incubator is an environment of companies that speak the same language, i.e. Language of ICT, the language of the internet ... We focused on one area various forms of support for young entrepreneurs. Attractive office space, specialized training under the "Incubation coffee" or promotion of the company – are just some of them. However, what I think is the most valuable, in particular the relationships, network of contacts and the opportunity of cooperation with other entrepreneurs - comments Bartosz Józefowski, project coordinator in the KPT, the person responsible for the activities of the Incubator.

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