BNP Paribas Real Estate mediated in renting a space for Agito and Stendi

The owner of Agito and Stendi online shop rented 7450 sq. m of warehouse and clerical space in Warsaw Błonie. It was represented by Dział Powierzchni Magazynowych i Logistycznych BNP Paribas Real Estate.

After carrying out a thorough analysis of logistic needs by Paribas experts, the Agito and Stendi owners decided to extend a foregoing warehouse space by 7213 sq. m and office space by 250 sq. m. Currently, those companies occupy over 12 000 sq. m.


We have been observing a dynamic development of e-commerce in Poland for several months. Networks offering Internet sale are even more important client for developers. Simultaneously, they require a high standard and a warehouse space considering future expansion. Thanks to our experience in cooperation with companies representing this sector in the whole Europe, we perfectly understand needs of companies from the e-commerce market – explains Katarzyna Pyś-Fabiańczyk, director of Dział Powierzchni Magazynowych
i Logistycznych in BNP Paribas Real Estate.


The enlargement of a logistic space was crucial for us due to development of a retail sector. The cooperation with experienced BNP Paribas Real Estate team allowed us to carry out efficiently and with accordance to our business needs process of enlarging the occupied space – notices Adam Pawelczak, director of Distribution Centre, providing warehouse services of breaking bulk and distribution for Agito and Stendi shops. online shop has a wide range of products in its stock, starting with both RTV and AGD devices and elements of household effects, through computer and photographic products, finishing with books, cosmetics, clothes and products intended for children. offers first and foremost clothes, shoes and accessories.

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