Data Destruction Laboratory in ŁIT

BioNanoPark building and ŁIT, pic by
BioNanoPark building and ŁIT, pic by
Ensalta, a company which is specialized in irreversible removal of data from various carriers, rented area in so called small incubator.

Ensalta is going to occupy 208 sq. m in the building which was commissioned after over a year and a half modernization in August of the current year. The tenant is opening Data Destruction Laboratory there.


We achieved the innovativeness of Certified Data Destruction process thanks to an author technology consisting in recording of the whole process from two independent cameras – says Karol Głowa, General Manager in Ensalta Sp. z o.o.The competition, if it records the process at all, it does it with the usage of one camera whereas the second camera of a high resolution has to read details from a destructed carrier such as a model and unique series number in case of a hard disk – explains.


The record, which is delivered together with a protocol and certificate, gives a guarantee of a safe destruction of data and thanks to the application of internal measuring equipment, Ensalta may confirm correct work parameters of a degausser (device used to destroy data). It is also an innovative solution on the market. The set of external detectors measures the intensity of an electromagnetic field generated by degausser in real time, which gives a specialist, who is performing this process, the confirmation of work parameters of the device which, in turn, are essential to stable and irreversible removal of data from a concrete carrier – explains Karol Głowa. 


The small building of Łódź Technological Incubator offers modern and fully equipped office areas intended for companies which carry out activity in the industry of new technologies or innovations. There are 1110 sq. m divided into 18 office rooms and two meeting halls at the tenants’ disposal in 2-tier building. The Incubator will be almost fully occupied after the removal of Ensalta to the building in November this year.


Young people have incredible ideas and chances for a market success, but sometimes they need support in the form of professional knowledge about the market, finances or management. Then hothouse conditions, which incubator proposes, are really useful – says Paweł Dyczewski, chairman in incubator.


Currently, negotiations concerning the lease of rooms in the A building and in BioNanoPark, which offers a dozen or so offices, are lasting. So far, 94 companies have accepted the offer proposed by Łódź Technological Incubator.

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