Centrum Usług Biznesowych in Przemysl

Loyd S.A. Capital Group rented an office which is located in the former Polish Telecommunication S.A. building at 3 Maja 27 Street in Przemysl.

Centrum Usług Biznesowych is going to start its activity in a new office, which was demised to Loyd Capital Group, on 17th November of the current year. The company will occupy 157,6 sq. m of usable area and 52 sq. m of common space.


The company is going to hire 40 people till the end of the year, and ca. 220 telephone consultants as well as leaders of sales teams will find a job in Przemyśl as a target. We should also remember that in cooperation with local governments we want to recruit among those people who have a limited access to the labor market. We are going to make a socially responsible recruitment. First and foremost, we take care about professional activity of the disabled, long-term unemployed, studying youth and people with the age 50+. Our investment in Przemyśl was planned having in mind professionally passive people due to their health and social reasons. Most of them cannot work because of inadequate working conditions. I am convinced that our service center will meet expectations of the disabled in respect of their future work place – explains Cezary Lewiński, Managing Director in Sales Concept, partnership owned by Loyd S.A. Capital Group.


Loyd S.A. Capital Group is realizing the project of business service centers in the southern part of the country. The centers function in i.a. Cracow, Częstochowa or Bytom. As a target, ca. 15 business service centers are going to arise in cooperation with local governments. In some point, we realized that this idea should be transferred to the area of smaller towns because needs of inhabitants there are not lower. Additionally, the interest of local governments and potential workers in such cooperation is higher. Therefore, we are now in Myszków, Zawiercie or Krosno – and currently in Przemyśl – says Cezary Lewiński.


Loyd S.A. Capital Group accumulates partnerships functioning mainly in HR, BPO, Contact Center and HORECA within a holding structure. It functions around investments and it manages assets. In the Group’s structure there are Polski Holding Rekrutacyjny S.A., Shangri La S.A., Sales Concept S.A. and Loyd Shared Services.

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