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A building in the Lubicz Brewery complex
A building in the Lubicz Brewery complex
The group of tenants from Balmoral complex, located in the centre of Cracow, has been extended to Lubicz Brewery partnership, which is going to open a restaurant brewery in Dawna Słodownia building.

After almost 14 years, Lubicz Brewery is going to return to its original function, that is brewing beer with the use of a traditional method, on which the best Polish brewer will be watching. Apart from this, there will be different cultural and entertaining events in the restaurant.


The partnership decided to rent 3-storey building of Dawna Słodownia, located at Lubicz 17J Street, and basement under the B building situated next to it, in which a fermentation factory and storage cellar will be arranged behind the plane. Before the structure, in front of the Piotr i Paweł shop, the company envisaged a yearlong garden with an internal playground for children. The total rental area has ca. 1250 sq. m. The brewery will be probably opened in the first quarter of 2015.


Lubicz Brewery is located ca. 800 m from the Cracow Main Market. The first stage of the investment, offering residential, service and commercial (4600 sq. m) as well as office (1900 sq. m) areas, was commissioned in January of the current year. In July, works on building of the second stage – G intimate office building and two apartment buildings, started.


The project’s investor is Balmoral Properties company, and Warbud partnership is the general constructor.

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