ECO Mango teleshopping in Alchemia

Alchemia - visualization of the second stage
Mango Media partnership, which is owned by TVN group, is moving its registered office to Gdańsk Alchemia.

The reason for the change of location is mainly the need for enhancement of the work comfort. Mango Media is constantly developing. There are other business challenges ahead of us and we have to adjust some conditions as well as work comfort to them. I am convinced that the new office in a business center of agglomeration will allow us to realize these aims successfully – comments J. Lars Buschbom, chairman of the board in Mango Media.


The activity of Mango Media is dated back to 1989. In May 2007, the partnership was taken over by TVN S.A. As the only company in Poland, it is the owner of round-the-clock teleshopping channel (Mango 24), available also online. As the administration ensures, the company owns a constantly increasing profitability and viewership. Moreover, recently it has been strongly developing the shopping platform. The offered products include such categories as: house, kitchen, fitness, health, beauty, music or hobby.


Alchemia satisfies our current needs. This place provides a modern office area in a good location and also a number of additional possibilities related to sport and recreation. Therefore, it is a positive change for us – adds J. Lars Buschbom.


Alchemia is a multifunctional business complex located in Gdańsk. The first stage of the investment delivered 16 700 sq. m of office area and 4600 sq. m of recreation and sport center with swimming polls, fitness club, sport hall and climbing zone. Moreover, there is a restaurant functioning in the structure.


We are very glad that another company from a local market adjoins the group of our tenants as a result of a dynamic development, noticing the potential of relocation of a registered office to a modern building – says Maciej Brożek, director for commercialization in Torus company, which is a developer of Alchemia.


The building of the second stage of the investment has been lasting since December. It will deliver over 21 000 sq. m of office space and over 3900 sq. m of service area within which a medical center, kindergarten with own green and commercial as well as service part are going to arise. The commission of the second stage of Alchemia is planned on the fourth quarter of 2015. Both structures are certified in LEED system.


The complex will be realized in 4 stages within which 8 office towers with the total space of over 80 000 sq. m will be built.

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