Gastromall Group in another office

Olimp restaurant in Francuska Office Center in Katowice
In the offer of the restaurant is food by weight
Gastromall Group opened its tenth Olimp restaurant this years, this time in Fracuska Office Center in Katowice.

The restaurant is 28th gastronomic point of the concept concerning food by weight with the guarantee of a fixed price for 100 g of food. So far, Gastromall Group has opened Olimp canteens in Cracow locations – Olimp Software Park Avia, Orange Office Park and Alma Tower (main headquarters of Alma and Onet Group partnerships) as well as Olimp Enterprise Park (C building). The Group is the owner of 5 gastronomic brands: Olimp, Cesare Ristorante, Lovit, Point Frappe and Companeros.


Francuska Office Center is a modern complex which is being realized by Globe Trade Center S.A. at Francuska 34 Street in Katowice. The investment is located in the center of a business and service district. The complex is composed of two 7-tier buildings class A, offering jointly 21 500 sq. m of office area. The first building of Francuska Office Center was commissioned in May 2010. The complex was designed by APA Wojciechowski architectural studio.

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