HP remains in DH Renoma offices

DH Renoma in Wrocław
DH Renoma in Wrocław
The total office area available in Renoma shopping mall will still be rented by American Hewlett-Packard concern.

HP Global Business Center company has been occupying over 10 500 sq. m of office space on four tiers of the gallery since 2005. The partnership is specialized in delivery of modern services for business from finance and accounting, HR, sales and marketing, transfer of data, delivery of information and management of supply chain. Moreover, it provides services for an internal client (HP concern) in the area of common services, including centers of excellence and external clients of the company (BPO – Business Process Outsourcing). Wrocław department is one of the links of global centers’ chain located in i.a. Barcelona Guadalajara, San Jose or Bucharest.


DH Renoma is the perfect example of combining commercial and office functions in one structure. The extended contract with Hewlett-Packard and opening of 19 new boutiques are the evidence of it – comments Michał Świerczyński, Venture Partner & Head of Retail.


The office and commercial area of Renoma, which is intended for sales, totals over 40 000 sq. m. There are 120 shops and service points as well as a restaurant zone located on five tiers of the building. The investment is in the portfolio of Griffin Real Estate.

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