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PKP Cargo sells an office

PKP Cargo moves into A4 Business Park in autumn, visualization Echo Investment
PKP Cargo moves into A4 Business Park in autumn, visualization Echo Investment
Katowice department of PKP Cargo is going to sell an old office and plot located at Saint Hubert Street in Katowice.

PKP Cargo has had a headquarters located at Korfantego Avenue (central office) and at Saint Hubert Street (Southern Office) at its disposal so far. The second location, which is going to be put up for sale, is an old working hotel changed for an office. This building is a 7-tier structure with ca. 5 000 sq. m and it is situated in close proximity to a large plot on which it is possible to build a second structure with a similar area. The total space of both plots owned by PKP Cargo, which are located at Saint Hubert Street, amounts to 7 400 sq. m.


The date concerning making offers due to planned sale of the property will be settled in the fourth quarter this year. The estimated value of the building owned by PKP Cargo amounts to ca. 10 million zlotys.


PKP Cargo is going to move its registered office to A4 Business Park at Francuska Street in Katowice in September this year. It will rent 8 000 sq. m of office area.  


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