One owner of Poleczki Business Park

Poleczki Business Park
Poleczki Business Park
UBM Development AG purchased 50 per cent of shares in the Warsaw Poleczki Business Park complex owned by CA Immo.

CA Immo sold 50 per cent of shares in Poleczki Business Park to its joint venture partner – that is UBM Development AG. The purchase transaction with the value of over 80 million euro has already been signed. Thanks to the purchase of shares, UBM Development AG became the only owner of the complex located in Warsaw.


Poleczki Business Park is being realized in several stages. As a target, the complex will be composed of 16 offices with the total gross area of 200 000 sq. m. The first stage, during which two structures offering 45 000 sq. m of rentable area were realized, was completed in the half of 2010. In the second stage, which was realized at the end of 2012, two other buildings with the office area of ca. 21 000 sq. m were commissioned. Construction works related to the fifth office of the complex, which is going to offer 8500 sq. m, are coming to a close. 


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