VanityStyle stays in Jasna 24 for longer

VanityStyle extended a lease contract in the Warsaw Jasna 24 structure. It also decided to rent additional office area.

VanityStyle – a company which functions in the area of solutions of non-wage employee benefits – rented jointly nearly 600 sq. m in the Warsaw Jasna 24 office. In the process of negotiations concerning the lease contract of the building's owner – that is Tritax Poland No. 1 Fund Ltd investment fund, the company was advised by JLL. Jasna 24 is characterized by a perfect location in the very heart of the city center of Warsaw. Tenants of the structure may fully benefit from a metropolitan gastronomic and cultural offer as well as facilitations suggested by the structure's owner. A perfect access to means of a public transport – Metro Świętokrzyska and numerous tram and bus lines enables convenient access to the office from all parts of the city – says Katarzyna Skrzypowska, Lease Coordinator in Department of Property Management, JLL.


Jasna 24 is a five-tier structure which delivers over 2400 sq. m of office area as well as commercial area on the ground floor on the metropolitan market. The office is owned by the Tritax Poland No. 1 Fund Ltd investment fund. JLL consulting company is an asset manager and property manager from the Tritax portfolio.  


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