Grand Parade occupies 4 floors in Kotlarska 11

Kotlarska 11 - visualization
Kotlarska 11 - visualization
Grand Parade will become a new tenant in Kotlarska 11. The Krakow department is to be one of the key technological hubs of the company.

Grand Parade is a Polish and British company owned by William Hill Group, one of the biggest stakeholders in the world, who hires over 16 000 employees globally. The company is to occupy 4 floors in Kotlarska 11 and it will rent 6200 sq. m of office space. This department located in the capital of Little Poland will be one of the key technological hubs, where several hundred computer programmers and experts in software will be employed.

When we were designing Kotlarska 11, we wanted the building to be a boutique office intended for the most demanding clients. Having them in mind, we certified the building in the LEED system. What is more, we provide rich infrastructure for bicyclists and we take care about green relaxation zones. We hope that the employees of Grand Parade will feel comfortable in our building – says Peter Obernhuber, Member of the Board of UBM Poland.

The lessor was represented by Knight Frank consulting company during the lease process, whereas the tenant was represented by Brookfield Partners and Araszkiewicz Cichoń Ryś Kancelarnia Radców Prawnych. We are glad that Grand Parade has chosen the office in a perfect location. Kotlarska 11 is a new image of the business Krakow, and, more importantly, it is located in the city center. Not only the highest class office space but also the access to facilities were very crucial for us. Kotlarska has it all: central location allows for a moment of relaxation in the bosom of nature in close proximity to the Vistula river, or for a lunch in the nearby Kazimierz district – says Monika Sułdecka-Karaś, Regional Director and Partner of Knight Frank.

Kotlarska 11 offers 9000 sq. m of office space and ca. 2500 sq. m of service space in total. The tenants have an underground car park for 190 vehicles at their disposal. Ingarden & Ewy Architekci was responsible for the design. The office is situated in close proximity to Bulwary Wiślane and almost 500 meters away from the Old Town in Krakow. The investment will be commissioned in January 2018. The building is for sale.


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