Beckton Dickinson moves into Wrocław Business Garden

Business Garden Wrocław
Business Garden Wrocław
Becton Dickinson (BD) is a global leader in the area of medical technologies. The company is to move into Business Garden in Wrocław, where it is to occupy ca. 5600 sq. m of office space in total.

Becton Dickinson was represented by the experts of JLL during the process of searching for a proper location as well as negotiations of the lease contract. The decision of Becton Dickinson about removal to Business Garden shows an increasingly strong trend for consolidation of companies from the sector of services for business to new office investments. The SSC/BPO centers relocate to modern and flexible office buildings as they develop their structures and strengthen their position on the market, because such buildings offer an option of expansion in the future as well as constitute an asset and distinguishing for the company during the recruitment process – explains Katarzyna Krokosińska, who runs the Wrocław department of the company, JLL.


Becton Dickinson is a leading company on the global market of medical technologies, which produces, develops and sells medical products as well as systems of machines and agents. BD specializes in advancement of medicine supply systems and enhancement of both quality and speed of diagnosing infectious diseases and cancers as well as support of research, discovery and production of new medicines and injunctions. The company was founded in 1897 and it operates in more than 50 countries all over the world, where it hires ca. 40 000 people in total. 


Becton Dickinson chooses the highest quality offices and modern buildings for its headquarters, which constitute surroundings that favor development of passions and building of engagement in our employees. According to the global standards of Becton Dickinson and in response to the needs of business, we made a decision about consolidation in Business Garden. The center in Wrocław has been playing an important role in development of business since the moment of opening in 2012 due to quality of delivered services for clients, deliverers, or employees of Becton Dickinson. The change of a registered office will favor the strengthening of the position of the Wrocław unit in even bigger degree as the global class service center, which provides a friendly working environment for our team – says Sudheer Kaavil Valappil, Site Director, BD Wrocław.


Becton Dickinson is to move into Business Garden in April 2017. We are glad that a company which considers comfort and health as the most important factors trusted our company. It means that Business Garden, which is being performed in accordance with the standards of the green certification LEED, meets the needs of the most demanding and prestigious tenants. The decision made by Becton Dickinson about moving into Business Garden confirms the strong points of the project – a broad access to transport and service infrastructure as well as advanced technical and telecommunication solutions, which provide users with comfortable and friendly working conditions – says Roger Anderson, Managing Director of Vastint Poland.

Business Garden is situated at Legnicka Street in Wrocław. It offers 110 000 sq. m of office and service space. The complex comprises 9 office buildings and a restaurant pavilion surrounded by a garden, occupying 7 ha in total.


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