Tenant extends office in Sky Tower

Sky Tower in Wrocław
Sky Tower in Wrocław
A shared services center of QIAGEN renewed a lease contract in Sky Tower. After extension of new space, QIAGEN occupies 3500 sq. m. The negotiation process concerning the foregoing and the previous lease contracts was conducted by CBRE consulting company.

The flexibility of the lessor, the lease contracts and the location – these are the key elements for tenants of the SSC/BPO sector. This business is very dynamic, the need for areas is still increasing, the requirements concerning quality of space are also higher. The market of the employees causes that tenants treat their offices as a motivational factor and thus the strategy of work environment is more and more frequently implemented. It envisages flexible forms of work and takes care of an interesting visual effect of the office – says Paweł Boczar, Consultant of CBRE, who cooperated with QIAGEN.


QUIAGEN has had its office in Sky Tower for two years. However, the tenant decided to extend the location due to its business development. After extension, the total size amounts to ca. 3500 sq. m, which makes that QUIAGEN is one of the biggest tenants of the office. It is worth mentioning that Sky Tower belongs to the highest architectural complex in Poland (212 meters, 50 floors). 


We are very pleased about the decision of QUAIGEN, which was supported by CBRE in the whole process. In our opinion, the extension of the contract for the following years and the extension of the size of our office confirm that we chose a good path in order to jointly create an untypical office. At tenant’s request we adjusted e.g. height of rooms to 4 meters and we implemented solutions concerning friendly work environment in cooperation with our architect. Additionally, we take care of the highest quality of the management process of our building. The managing team is a part of the lessor's company and it is situated in place of the office. The above two aspects are priorities to us in order to establish long-term relations with our partners – says Piotr Pirogowicz, Director for Lease, LC Corp SA.


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