New company in University Business Park in Łódź

2 th sq m in University Business Park has been leased to Citibank International PLC. Along with the bank City Handlowy, the company represents Citigroup, which offers services to 200 MM clients in over 140 countries.

Citibank International PLC is a new lessee in the University Business Park – a business complex in Łódź owned by GTC Group. Citibank leased 2 th sq m and, according to the lease agreement  in the future the company may accuire more space in the complex.

Citibank Int PLC is a part of Citi Center of Excellence. Along with the bank Citi Handlowy they represent here on the Polish market the Citi Group, a company which offers services to 200 MM clients in over 140 countries. The operations of Citi Center of Excellence in Poland include i.a. monitoring anti-money laundering actions, handling banking, securities and investment funds, overseeing settlement of claims and payments. The company provides services to 54 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, both Americas and Australia.

University Business Park houses offices of  i.a. Intergraph, Kredyt Bank, AEGON, TU Warta, Hermann Kirchner, Tax Care and Pharmena. The first building of the complex was completed in 2010 and holds 18.5 th sq m office space.

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