Euro Office Park is fully leased

At the image: Euro Office Park
At the image: Euro Office Park
The BPH Bank has leased the entire office complex of Euro Office Park. The office complex will be a 19 000 sq m property located in the Jasień, district of Gdańsk, north Poland.

BPH Bank will have its new headquarters in Jasień, Gdańsk. The company will occupy 19 000 sq m of office space and conference. The institution will also posess its own training center at the complex with 1000 sq m of the a rental area. 2700 employees should find employment in the buildings.

The Euro Office Park will be situated 7 km from the city center, between Leszczynowa, Kartuska and Armii Krajowej Street. The complex will consist of three five-storey buildings.

On March 20, 2012, the ceremonial signing of the lease took place. The ceremony was attended by President of the City Pawel Adamowicz.

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